Social Media Networking is a very powerful medium which can start movements across the whole world. An example in this case is Egypt. The current day sites help people in interacting with each other. There is a need for cause based social media networking medium. It is where "Social good meets social media".

Our networking solution is a non-commercial project that seeks to grow civic engagement by leveraging social media platforms. With the help of information centric social media giants (like Twitter, Google and Facebook or anything that moves the people ahead.) we aim to bring together people that involve in same kind of activities. We want to Get the word out in a new way, find an audience and get people talking.

This involves extensive use of fast moving technologies to keep the things one step ahead. We have seamless integration with various APIs to provide you with the relevant content. The technology that is required for this project is state-of-the art technology and ability to handle large volumes of data along with flexibility, scalability as the key factors. The technology for a social media site should be able to handle exponential growth.

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  • Digital Marketing 60%
  • SMM 70%
  • SEO 80%
  • Web Design & Development 95%

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