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You can create Windows Runtime apps using the programming languages you're most familiar with, like JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, or C++. You can even write components in one language and use them in an app that's written in another language.

Windows Runtime apps can use the Windows Runtime, a native API built into the operating system. This API is implemented in C++ and supported in JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, and C++ in a way that feels natural for each language.

Create a UI: Learn how to create a user interface for your app.

Respond to user interaction: Learn how to handle user interactions from touch, pen/stylus, mouse, and keyboard devices.

Work with data and files: Learn how to bind data, read, write, and save to files, as well as how to manipulate XML data.

Package apps: Learn how to use Visual Studio to access the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, and package your app for distribution.

Debug and test apps: Learn how to use the testing and debugging tools in Visual Studio.

Choose your business model, markets, description, images, and more before you submit your app to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Breeze through the submission and certification process so customers around the world can enjoy your apps.

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